Thank you to EVERYONE that helped make this fundraiser a success! Here’s a special message from Edward:

To say last weekend was a success would be an understatement. In spite of the less than perfect weather, we had an incredible turnout. We met 71% of our goal! I was truly blown away but the love and support we received from our community. We had so many complete strangers that made generous donations online and in person. There were people that stopped by with kind, supportive words and a hug meant just as much as anything monetary. It was a fantastic thing to experience, the kindness of the human spirit and the love we all have for the innocent animals entrusted to our care.

Special thank you to Tommy (photo to the left), the owner of The Comet that so generously offered to host our event. I’d love to mention everyone by name that donated and helped, but the list would be too long! I do, however, want to say a special thank you to Stephani, Jen and Leigh from Charlotte Pups and Pals. They organized the majority of this event. Over a year ago, when I first met Stephani to discuss setting up daily walks for Cooper she said to me, “We’re not in this for the money. We’re in it because we care about the animals.”. At the time it was great to hear, as I was nervous trusting my pup to strangers. Fast forward to today, they have 100% lived up to that statement, they TRULY, DEEPLY care about their four-legged and human clients. They were there to rush over to help me carry Cooper to my car when he couldn’t stand so I could get him to the emergency vet, Jen even came to my home in the middle of the day and cooked a steak for him in an effort to get him to eat towards the end and they cried with me when he passed. They’ve been there for us with extra support and love since the day I found out about Eddie’s diagnosis. The fundraiser was their idea, Stephani used her connections to find our venue, and went door to door to find items for the silent auction. The list goes on and on. I could write a novel about all of the amazing things they have done. I can’t imagine there’s another pet sitting company out there that would be willing to do all of these things. However, they are not just the people that help out with my pups when I have to work late, they have become family. I cannot imagine not having them in my life. They have shown me what love and friendship means. Cooper, Eddie, Freya and I are so blessed to have crossed paths with them and have them in our lives. I couldn’t repay them in a million years for everything they’ve done, but will do my best to try.

Above you’ll find a special video message from Eddie! To the right a list below of all of the local businesses that supported us and made the fundraiser possible.

I also want to let you all know, we have decided we’re going to have a fundraiser like this a few times a year to help other pups that need help with their treatments. I will keep everyone updated as plans solidify!

This is a list of all of the local business in our community that stepped up to support our fundraiser!

  • Craft Tap Room and Growler Shop
  • Lebowski’s
  • L & M Monogramming
  • Sir Edmond Halley’s
  • Moosehead
  • Old Pineville Premium Pub
  • Good Road Cider
  • 300 East
  • Roasting Co.
  • Brazwells
  • Pasta Provisions
  • Providence Rd Sundries
  • Angry Ales
  • Gin Mill
  • Tavern on Tracks
  • Bedder Bedder More
  • Play & Stay Pet Resort
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Eddies Place
  • The Cellar (Duckworths)
  • Pet People
  • Pet in the City
  • Bang Bang Burgers
  • Sycamore Brewery
  • Mac’s Speed Shop
  • Pet Appearances Specialists
Our Goal

The idea for this fundraiser initially sprung to life with the goal of raising funds for Edwards Lymphoma treatments. This is, of course still is our goal. But, we like to dream big! As a team of dog lovers: myself (Edwards owner) and the crew from Charlotte Pups & Pals and The Comet, we thought it would be even better if we could not only help Edward but pay-it-forward and help another family (or families) also struggling to cover costly chemotherapy treatments for their fur-children.

After Edwards diagnosis, I began doing exhaustive research regarding treatment options and prognosis. During my research, my eyes were opened to how prevalent canine lymphoma is. I was ignorant of the fact that such a large number of pets lose their lives to this type of cancer on a regular basis. A lot of these losses aren’t because the dog didn’t respond to treatment but because their families are unable to afford the extremely expensive treatment protocols.

The sinking feeling I had when I found out that Eddie had cancer was only amplified when I found out what the cost of treatment would be. An amount that I am unable to afford. It is a heartbreaking, terrifying feeling. I, like most pet owners, love my dogs like they are family (some of us may even love them more than we do some of our family members!). Knowing your pet is dying and there isn’t anything you can do due to an inability to afford treatment is a terrible, helpless feeling. I hate to think of others feeling the same way and carrying the same weight on their shoulders.

Only three weeks in and I’ve had countless sleepless nights due to the adverse side effects Eddie is experiencing, made multiple trips to the emergency vet, etc. Doing all of this while maintaining a full-time job and a newly launched side business is exhausting mentally, emotionally and physically. Adding the stress of not knowing how I’ll cover his treatments and my day to day expenses exacerbates the situation exponentially.

It is my wish and hope that this fundraiser raises enough funds to cover Edwards treatments and we are able to help someone else in the same position.

If this event is a success, the plan is to form a non-profit to raise funds for this cause and other families in the same position on a regular basis! Please join us Sunday, April 7th to help Edward and other dogs suffering unnecessarily. If you’re unable to attend but would still like to help, you can click here to make a donation towards our cause. Alternatively, when you purchase any of the items below, all proceeds will go towards Edwards treatments.

You can follow my Instagram page, @cooperscreatives for updates on Edwards treatment and progress. Scroll down for more information about Edward, his diagnosis and our little family.


    Silent auction items, including but not limited to Pet supply gift baskets and sporting event tickets. More items to be announced soon!


    These aren’t your church bakesale items. We’ll have cakes (for humans and four-legged friends), cookies, cupcakes baked by a local, professional baker.


    Stephanie from The Pet Appearance Specialists has generously offered to provide $10 dog mani pedi’s and will be donating all of the funds towards our fundraiser!


    Our incredible host, and the owner of Comet Grill, Tommy will be running a drink special during the event!


    Both pre-designed artwork and custom pet art will be available for purchase!

Pre-Event Fundraiser Products

If you’re unable to attend the event but would like to contribute, proceeds from any
Coopers Creatives custom pet or pre-designed art will go directly towards Edwards treatments.

Custom Pet Art Prints


The Art Print option is a High-Resolution digital painting printed on cotton fine-art photo rag manufactured in Germany. Vibrant colors in a wide gamut with original HP Vivera Inks. Printed using the giclee method for a gorgeous continuous tone look.

Select your sizing preference from the options below. If you’re looking for a specific size that is not listed, please reach out. I’d be happy to process a custom order for you.

You’ll be prompted to upload the photo you’d like to use and you’ll have an opportunity to add notes regarding what style and colors you’re looking for during the checkout process.

Prior to placing your order, please scroll down to read the full, detailed product description.

⚠️Please note: This is a digitally created piece of art. Once your canvas art has been printed I add hand-painted acrylic embellishments for added texture, vibrancy, and brush strokes.

Custom Pet Canvas Prints


Canvas refers to a Canvas Giclee painted/embellished by hand with Acrylic paints for added texture, color vibrancy, and brush strokes. It’s not just a plain print that you get if you have a digital file printed by a 3rd party. They have a beautiful glossy finish.

Select your sizing options below. If you’re looking for a specific size that is not listed, please reach out. I’d be happy to process a custom order for you.

You’ll be prompted to upload the photo you’d like to use and you’ll have an opportunity to add notes regarding what style and colors you’re looking for during the checkout process.

Prior to placing your order, please scroll down to read the full, detailed product description.

⚠️Please note: This is a digitally created piece of art. Once your canvas art has been printed I add hand-painted acrylic embellishments for added texture, vibrancy, and brush strokes.


Edward is a 4-year-old Goldendoodle. He is one of the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet. I’ve never known a dog that loves love as much as he does! He definitely has more of the golden retriever personality than that of a poodle.


Edward came to live with me this past summer. This time last year I had two dogs; my 11-year-old Goldendoodle, Cooper and my a 1-year-old husky poodle mix, Freya. Cooper was given to me as a gift when he was eight weeks old. We were inseparable. Cooper was by my side during a lot of big life changes and milestones. He was a healthy dog his entire life. However, due to a bad reaction to a medication, he was given he went into renal failure, literally overnight. One day he was my healthy, happy best friend, the next he was dying.. Over a two month period, I did everything I could to try to save him. That included draining my savings and maxing out credit cards. I still have yet to recover financially from his medical bills. Despite trying everything I could, ultimately I was unable to save Cooper and lost my best friend. Writing about this is still very difficult for me. He was an amazing dog and a huge part of my life. The pain and feeling of loss was and is indescribable. After Cooper passed, Freya, my one-year-old was having a very difficult time not having her big brother around anymore. At this time my mom suggested Edward, her dog come stay with us for a bit. His sweet, loving presence would help both of us.


I drove to Atlanta that weekend to pick Edward up from my mom’s house. After a week, it became clear that Eddie and Freya were already best friends and he was loving life in Charlotte. My mom adopted Edward when he was about a year old. I’d spent quite a bit of time around him since he became part of our family, so he wasn’t in the home of a stranger. He was with family and comfortable. He had his first furry best friend, got to go to the dog park every day and was allowed to snuggle in the bed with me! 🙂 The decision was made that Edward would stay with me and become a full-time Charlotte resident.


About a month ago I was scratching Eddie’s neck and noticed a lump on his throat. I immediately made an appointment with his vet to have the lump checked out. After a few tests, I received the awful news that Edward had lymphoma. A type of cancer that’s apparently very common in golden retrievers. At first, I was in shock, I never would have dreamed that so soon after watching Cooper suffer and losing him that I’d be in the same position just a few months later with Edward. He’s still so young and a happy, active dog! It didn’t feel real.


Within days of his diagnosis, we were referred to a veterinary oncologist. I was told without any treatment he would start going downhill quickly and likely wouldn’t live another 6-8 weeks. That was not an option for me. Letting such a young, sweet dog that I love die when there are treatments available that could extend his life for years. After researching and speaking with his oncologist we decided to begin a treatment program called the CHOP protocol. It is a very expensive treatment plan that involves weekly treatments over the course of four months. CHOP offers the highest likelihood of long-term remission.


We are three weeks into treatment right now. After just one treatment Eddie was already in almost full remission! It’s amazing how well he’s responding. Unfortunately, he has also experienced side effects on his medication which already required additional emergency vet visits, treatment medication, and testing. I’ve reached a point where I can no longer afford to move forward with his treatment and still keep a roof over our head. I am hopeful that this fundraiser will help so he can complete his treatments and live a happy, healthy life. Your help, big or small is greatly appreciated.


Weather permitting, Edward will be at our fundraiser along with Freya. Please stop by and say hi. We’d love to meet you!